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Power Generation

Innovative Solutions Since 1938

Partnering with world-class engine manufacturers, Stewart & Stevenson custom packages and provides pre-packaged generator sets that serve these applications:

  • Construction & Industrial
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rail
  • Remote Locations

Our emissions-certified power generation solutions offer superior performance, proven reliability, high fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Stewart & Stevenson provides worldwide aftermarket parts and service support for power generation.

Drive Systems

Stewart & Stevenson manufactures electrical power systems that drive Stewart & Stevenson manufactured equipment.
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Emergency, Standby & Backup

Stewart & Stevenson provides engines, prime movers and power generation packages from world-class manufacturers.
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Land-Based Packages

We deliver essential rig power packages that include prime rig power, emergency and auxiliary power.
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Renewable Energy & CHP

As distributor of MTU Onsite Energy’s new gaseous-fueled power generation product line, Stewart & Stevenson offers generators that serve both prime power and CHP applications.
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Stewart & Stevenson builds low and medium voltage switchgear for power generation equipment utilized by various industries.
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